Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keeping It Together

Sometimes things get overwhelming and it seems like I'm living in chaos.  Two things I do to help keep the feelings and life from overtaking me is to make list.  I know it sounds too easy but I'm telling you it has worked for me.  The first list I want to share is the Menu.

I print out my menu pages from organized home, fill them in, and tack them to the fridge for everyone to see.  This has help eliminate the kids constantly asking what's for dinner and I already know what I'm going to cook.  I do two weeks at a time.

The other list I keep tacked to the fridge is a freezer inventory.  I have 2 one for the freezer in the garage and the other for the one in the house.  I get that form from organized home also.

I keep it on the fridge so I remember to mark things off as I pull them out of the freezer.  It is also handy to have so when the kids come back in from the outside freezer saying mom it's not in there, I can say oh yes it is.  Go look again.  I'm sure none of you can relate to that. LOL

This list looks all nice because I just cleaned the freezer the other day and wrote a new list out.  It's a deep chest freezer so it tends to get a bit disorganized and needs mom's touch now and then.

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