Saturday, November 10, 2012

Money Saver

Today I want to share a tip that I found on Pinterest.  I must say it has changed my attitude about those stupid plastic hangers the store is always shoving in my bag when I purchase clothing. LOL  Turn that hanger into a chip clip.  It works great!  I used to use clothes pins and some chip clips I had purchased, but now I use these.  They stay on so much better than the others.

When Joe is home I hand them to him and ask him to cut off the ends.  That's how I convert them. LOL  He uses a hacksaw and cuts off the ends and gives it a slight filing.  He files it because he feels it is a little sharp and he doesn't want anybody getting hurt.  Isn't he sweet!  I have a pile waiting for him when he comes back home.

I use them for way more than just chips.  I use them to close all kinds of bags in the kitchen.  They work great for those "resealable" freezer bag items.  You know the ones that you supposedly can just open and take what you need and then just close the bag again.  Yeah right.  Very rarely do those things close that easy.  So instead of fighting with the seal, I just fold it over and pop one of these on.  They stay on and have a good grip.

If you haven't tried this you should.

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